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Pie Town

In honor of Pi day, I must too, honor Pie Town, New Mexico. Pie Town was established in the early 1920’s starting with a bakery owned by Clyde Norman who made dried apple pies for travelers passing through. We decided to check out Pie town on the special Pi Day. Here’s what we found. Pie Town has four pie restaurants: Pie Town Café, The Pie Source, The Gathering Place, The Pie-O-Neer.

Pie Town Café, “On The Great Divide, A Million Miles From Monday….”, formerly known as Good Pie or Daily Pie. Pie Town Cafe is located on the south side of US Hwy 60. It’s a small quaint building, like an old roadhouse cafe. The people were so nice, friendly, and helpful. They serve drinks in a canning jar and it is so adorable. Pie Town Café serves meals like burgers, green chile stew, sandwiches, green chile quesadillas, pulled pork as well as, of course, pie! Whole pies are $30, slices are $5.95. What makes Pie Town Café special? Pie Town Café has been reviewed by Chef Duff Goldman for the Food Networks “Best Thing I Ever Ate” and Smithsonian Magazine’s Feb 2005 edition. They also feature one of their specialty recipes on their website that was also featured in Food Network Magazine, “New Mexican Apple Pie.” Warning: It does have green chile! They had a limited lunch menu due to the fact it was Pi day and they expected a rush. We ate here for lunch and all had cheeseburgers around the table. I was bummed that they only had a few pies available for Pi day: New Mexico Apple, Apricot, Pecan, Berry Supreme, Cherry and Peach. I’m not much of a fruit pie person, so I skipped the pie here. My group did get pie and they said it was nothing special.

Pie-O-Neer Café, also located on “PieWay” 60 in Pie Town is a renovated saloon. The history began as a trip to Pie Town by the owners in 1995. They were in search for real pie, nut only found the Thunderbird Trading post with a sign that said “There used to be pie in Pie Town, but there ain’t no more – For Sale.” “The Pie Lady” soon took over and “Put pie back in Pie Town.” Mama Pie Lady had to retire and is now owned by the next generation of Pie Ladies, Kathy Knapp daughter of the Pie Lady. So what’s so special about Pie-O-Neer Café? They have been featured in Sunset Magazine, Travel + Leisure, Fodor’s and Moon Travel Guides, and Food Network’s “Best of New Mexico” as well as an award-winning short documentary film “The Pie Lady of Pie Town.” What they serve: Pie, Pie, and more Pie, coffee, and other beverages. I stopped and picked up a slice of chocolate cream pie and I was not impressed. The pie had been sitting out all day so it was watery and the crust was dry. The bottom part was chewy. However, they did have a wide selection of pies to choose from.

The Pie Source Homestead Café, “It’s all in the Crust”, located on US Hwy 60 at the east end of Pie Town, is in an authentic homestead cabin from the late 1920’s. This beautiful location is a park like setting with unique windmills. The Pie Source is Pet-friendly and even has a fenced area for your four-legged pals to get some leg stretching in and some water. What is the perk of The Pie Source? The adjacent windmill museum, hot dogs, and pie. Nothing seems to be overly special about The Pie Source other than it’s “Cowboy Tradition” style building, pie, and personality. The Pie Source also has Southwest style pies, but these are made with the milder red chili. So, we never even saw this place on the way out of Pie Town, but we did see the adjacent windmill museum, however, it looked closed.

The Gathering Place, which we didn’t even know about until we passed right by it! It looked like an old general store, converted into a cafe. Another small, quaint, small town token.

Pie Town accepted this name whole-heartedly and now is the home of an annual Pie Festival every second Saturday of September, where the winner gets paid $100 and is featured in June Editions of the local paper the Catron Courier. If you want to participate, have your entry in by May 1st!

Geocacher Note: Pie Town has two caches RX for FUN in Pie Town, a traditional cache by etacos, and Pie Town Puzzle by CougarOx, NMFireHorse, and Bronco. We started to figure out the puzzle some 3 weeks before we headed down to Pie Town and still didn’t figure it out. Maybe you’ll have better luck!


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